Work at Home? No, Work Out at Home!

HALLXH Tribe! 2020 has been such a rollercoaster ride. First, the pandemic and hence, the lockdown had all of us adapting towards the new normal.

Some countries may have lifted their lockdown bans and have introduced towards the new normal, but some were unfortunate to receive yet another lockdown. This situation seems harrowing nevertheless we can’t let another lockdown phase undo all of our hard work in the gym. Thus, here are some ideas to keep your body moving and fresh; throughout the place that we always have access to, home.

“I don’t use machines to work out, I am one.” ~ Anonymous

Strength Training

Before lockdown, most of us may have laughed at the idea of investing in home gyms. We used to think that having a home gym is unnecessary and that the people who did have one were just too   lazy to go to a real gym right? Well, guess who’s laughing now?

By investing in a home gym, you will still be able to enjoy the similar atmosphere of the gym. And you know what the best aspect of having a home gym is? The utter silence; away from the loud grunting of other people. And to top it off, you won’t need to queue for chest days on a Monday anymore!

Investing in a home gym can surprisingly be pocket friendly. You don’t need to spend a bunch of money to purchase machines for your athletic needs, just by having a simple mat is enough to give you a great workout.

If you are running out of ideas for your workouts, you could perform bodyweight exercises on the mat to switch up your muscle-building routine. A major advantage is that you don’t have to purchase anything! It is a minimalistic style of exercise that you can enjoy with no worries towards your wallet.

In the long run, the advantages of a home gym and bodyweight exercises aren’t confined to the lockdown itself, even after COVID is no longer, you can still enjoy your peaceful home gym.


What is aerobic? It is an exercise intended to improve our cardiovascular system or more commonly known as cardio. Oh no, not cardio! We know, we heard you. We know how much you hate cardio, but that’s never a valid excuse.

Cardio can be fun; you can run w nith your friends, families or even pets. Although due to the pandemic you might not be able to run with them physically, with live running apps you can still be social without going out. Using applications such as Zombie Run or AtlasGo, you can run from the apocalypse or plant trees!

If running is not for you, how about skipping ropes? It is honestly quite underrated, but useful. The best thing about it is that you can do them virtually anywhere. From your bedroom, living room to even the kitchen! But if you’re up for a challenge, you could always search the internet for more fitness challenges such as the new form of fat-burning exercise called the Tabata exercise.


Keeping your body fit and healthy is always important, but so is keeping your joints flexible, who in the world would want to keep a stiff body?

Did you know that yoga could be a great tool to increase flexibility? Exercises from the power yoga, which incorporates sequences and poses from the Ashtanga yoga; is one of the most athletic forms of yoga as it focuses more on upper body strength and flexibility.

Another well-known option would be pilates. Although pilates is known for using equipment in gyms, it could be done at home with just a mat. By searching pilates workout videos from home such as the Trifecta Pilates youtube channel, you can get a good 40 minutes pilates workout and increase your flexibility in return!

You could also slowly increase your flexibility and even strength by using resistance bands; that’s two workouts for one! Resistance bands are optimal for a quick stretch. You can put the bands on your toes as you sit in an l-shape and pull it, focusing the tension on your shoulders and spine. The band is also useful if you are currently injured or suffering from a stiff back and wish to slowly regain flexibility.

It is paramount to be consistent with these flexibility exercises to see progress, and before you know it, you’ll be as flexible as a gymnast!


Your body is a temple for your soul and your mind is a garden. The mind must always continue to flourish and be taken care of. From the stress of pandemic to family and work, when was the last time you were truly relaxed?

Close your eyes in meditation, let the universe be one with you and open your seven chakras; breathe in and breathe out. Let all your stress and hardships out of your system and cleanse yourself of negativity.

Using yoga as a meditation tool is always useful for your mind and soul. Using Anusara yoga (a modern form of Hatha yoga), you can start with chants and end with a quiet meditation. With over 250 styles of poses available, you could even use your style and blend in with your emotions and state of mind.

The purpose of meditation is to achieve mental stillness, bringing your body and mind into balance and thus relaxes the nervous system. Perfect for weeding out the daily accumulated stresses. And as icing on the cake, you could also decorate your home with some scented candles or Dupas as aromatherapy to enhance your meditation experience.

“When meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of a candle in a windless place.” ~ Bhagavad Gita

Remember to always keep a proper form for all activities above and warm up before every exercise. And always, have fun!

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